A New Day

Posted by cvsmith on March 7, 2014

When my family and I lived in Saint Paul I used to go for morning runs around the city.  If I timed it just right I would catch the sunrise coming up just over the buildings and was amazed at the beautiful site.  I remember one particular run where I had to stop and just take in the moment.  It was gorgeous!  There are no words to describe the peace I felt at that moment, but knew God was reminding me it was a new day!


I bleive it is human nature to dwell on the past.  I know I have made my share of mistakes.  Mistakes that have affected my relationships, my family and my faith.  However, I have always had people around me that reminded me that each day is a new day.  God doesn't care about our past and with each new day is an opportunity to start fresh.


Start fresh.  A do over.  Hitting the reset button.  How many of us would love the opportunity to have a blank slate to begin the day with?


However, there are many people who can't shake their past.  They are surrounded by people who remind them constantly of their failures or they have lost hope.


Our hope is Five Loaves will provide a new day for each team member and that each of us will take advantage of the blank slate God has given us.  

It is a new day!