Season 1 Finale

Posted by cvsmith on November 16, 2014

The most exciting time in television is during finale week  This is where the biggest shows finally wrap up their season and all the questions you may have had about a character or plot finally get answered.  Well, you hope they do anyway.  Most shows answer the season long questions such as; will Ross & Rachel get back together?  Who will the bachelor choose as the love of his life? or who will be the next dancing star?  

However, it wouldn't be a season finale without the cliffhanger or as I like to say, another big question after they answered all your questions.  This is what will make a person wait 3 months for the next season to start to find out what is going to happen next.

For Five Loaves we ended our first season by answering all of our questions.  Yes, there is a need for a transitional job ministry.  Yes, the community will support us.  Yes, we can make a decent product to sell at the Farmers Market.  And yes, we had lots of fun.

Our cliffhanger is, well not much of a cliffhanger.  it is something most people already know.  We will be back for another season after we raise the funds this winter.  Even better, we are now making plans to start raising funds to have our own kitchen & storefront.  We don't want to leave anyone hanging, but instead want to invite everyone to join us in the next chapter, or season 2, of Five Loaves.

So, "tune in next time" as we plan our next tasting/fundraiser for Feburary of 2015 and get ready for another great year.