That was good!

Posted by cvsmith on February 9, 2014

We had our first official tasting/fundraiser two weeks ago and it still amazes me how quickly things have progressed to this point.  To be honest, this was not supposed to happen now.  Just a few more years and then everything would be ready, but here we found ourselves preparing some of the goods and inviting people to hear our vision for Five Loaves Bread Company.


It was only a little over a year ago that we made the decision to move forward with this ministry.  Now, after the tasting, we move full speed ahead to prepare for the market to open.  By then we will have our first team members and we will be ready to go.


We remind ourselves daily, "that was good, but oh how much better can it be."  We strive to not only have a good product to sell, but more importantly for lives to be changed.  Our hope and our prayer is for each person that joins us on this journey will know we are more than just baking bread, but about loving others and helping others succeed.